Bea School

 New from Bea is for Business ! Now you can get a complimentary six week long classroom curriculum to bring business education into your school!

We are so excited to share this curriculum with you, and we are even more excited to hear what it inspires in and for your students. We strongly believe in student-driven projects that inspire kids to think creatively, be innovative, and have fun at the same time! The materials in these lessons are built off the Common Core State Standards, and aim to help children expand their vocabulary, learn about business processes and play with entrepreneurship.

Below, please find a six-week curriculum broken out by week, including class activities, discussion questions, homework assignments and a final project suggestion. We have created a fully planned out course for "Bea School", but we know you have to be fluid as a teacher, so if it feels too rigid, please revise to fit your needs. Likewise, please feel free to condense the program into two sessions a week for three weeks. 

We encourage classrooms with iPads or Kindle Fires, to download the Bea is for Business ebook for each child for at home and in class readings. 

Together we can help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.