It's time to learn about business ! Below you will find descriptions of the different ways you can access learning tools and resources here on the website.  I hope you'll not only come back again and again, but also share these resources with your friends. At the very bottom of the page, view 3rd grade classroom ideas inspired by Bea!


Teacher’s Guides:

Our Teacher's Guides contain exercises and activities for the classroom. There are several levels of activities, so find the Teacher's Guide that is right for your classroom level, then get learning! Many of the activities can also be done in a home school environment to support learning. Choose from Beginner (K-1st Grade), Intermediate (2nd-3rd Grade) or Advanced (3rd-4th Grade).

Book Questions:

These Book Review Questions allow students to dive into the concepts of the Bea is for Business books, based on the grade level expectations developed by the Core Standards. Find questions pertaining to the each book's plot, math and literary concepts, and vocabulary development.

Focus Groups:

Believe it or not, Focus Groups can be a great exercise to utilize in a classroom environment! Focus Groups encourage students to share their thoughts or experiences, keep a conversation on topic, listen to each other, take turns talking, respect others’ ideas, and get creative! Give it a shot, and come back for more ideas.

Quick Ideas:

If you're in need of a quick learning exercise to complement an in-class reading of our flagship book, Bea is for Business, try one of these Quick Ideas. The lesson will be easy for teachers to use quickly, and give students an exercise to broaden their business understanding.

Symbolism in the Book:

Throughout the Bea is for Business books, you can find fun, symbolic pictures to learn even more about business, history and culture. Some of the symbolism is geared more towards Mom and Dad, so keep your eyes peeled, and learn more here!



Downloadable supplements like mazes and word searches can help make learning fun! Present new spelling or vocabulary words, and supplement in-class or at-home learning with these printable materials that coincide with the Bea is for Business books.


These activities can be done in a variety of places (at home, in the waiting room, driving around, at the grocery store etc.). Get some ideas for how you can help your kids better understand that business is all around them!


Search for business terms, and find basic definitions to help expand your vocabulary and get you talkin' business!



We are thankful to Mrs. Lauren MacWinnie's third grade class at Selwyn Elementary School for their ears, feedback, insights, and wonderfully-conceived business ideas that helped Bea is for Business  get off the ground. See below for the first classroom ideas inspired by Bea!