Just in time for summer! Freshen up the kids' summer reading list!! Get the early reader books! 'Bea' inspired!

Just in time for summer!

Bea is for Business: The Water Bottle Venture is now available!
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Freshen up the kids' summer reading list!!

Now we've got 2 books to get your chapter book readers learning about business!
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Get the early reader books!

Check out our two leveled reader books - great for getting kids thinking about business!
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'Bea' inspired!

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Welcome to a New Way of Teaching Kids about Business

I’m Beatrice Banks. Everyone calls me Bea ("Bee"). I launched my own business. It's been a fun challenge; like, I-just-answered-the-hardest-math-problem-correctly challenging. (Which is a hard, but awesome feeling, you know?)

I created this Bea is for Business website as my place to share what I’ve figured out so far about business. I hope it helps you to learn something new about business too!

With some B-I-G help from Mom and Dad, and some inspiration from my friends (like you!), I've now got TWO chapter books that help all you kids learn about business! You can buy those books AND my first two leveled reader books right here.

Let the math, teamwork, communication, and the business of, well, business begin!