Bea is for Business teaches kids about business

Quick Facts with Bea:

Favorite Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts (Crazy, right?)

Favorite class: It's a toss up - I like Math class and Art class

Favorite color: green

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint and rainbow sherbet mixed together

An Official Question and Answer (Q&A) Session with Beatrice Banks (That's me! Bea!)

Where do I go to school?  I'm in the second grade at Andrew Carnegie Elementary School. I sometimes ride the school bus. But if the weather is sunny and nice, I walk to school with my friends who live on my street.
What do I like to do on the weekends?  I like to check out new books from the library, throw the ball in the yard with my dog, Hamilton, and ride my new, blue bike. I just got ice skates, and I'm excited to try those, too.
What's my favorite meal?  My dad's spaghetti with meatballs and chocolate cupcakes with A LOT of vanilla frosting with colorful sprinkles! (Is that too specific?!)
What's my favorite place to go with my family?  The ice cream shop at the beach. They let you pair three different ice creams in the same ice cream cone. I always try a couple new flavors because I never know what I will like.

What's the best day of the week?  Friday!
What's my favorite game?  I love to play soccer. I play for a team namedThe Silver Dollars. We play every Saturday morning in the Fall, and we play for fun in the summer, so that we keep our game good and strong. We have a lot of fun, too.
What's my favorite snack?  Peanut butter is my favorite "soccer snack". It gives me lots of energy to play my best. After school, I like to eat cheese crackers and carrot sticks with ranch dressing.
What's my favorite thing to wear?  My pink watch and my charm bracelet. I wear both of them everyday. I don't feel right if I run out of the house not wearing either of them.
What do I love to do every week?  I paint my nails new colors every week. Mom and I find fun colors at the grocery store. I pick the color, and Mom helps me paint my nails when we get home. I'm right-handed, so I can paint my left-hand a--okay, but I need help to paint my right-hand.
What am I good at?  I'm good at listening to stories, drawing and coloring, and soccer.
When's my birthday?  April 15!
What scares me?  I feel scared to play goalie sometimes. It's a tough job . I get worried that I won't get the ball in time, and I'll let my team down.
What gets my super excited?   I just started to learn German. Guten tag! That means good morning!
What do I want to be when I grow up?  Oh gosh, I don't know yet. Maybe run my own business . Maybe run the country! Whatever it is, I just hope I still get to play every day!