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Are you ready to get your kids thinking about business ?! You're in the right spot. Each of our books are written like mini case studies for kids - easy to understand and fun to read. Get the books today and you'll be joining Bea as she works with her friends to start up businesses!



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NEW! Bea is for Business: Classroom Kit  $210

Classroom Kit - Includes set listed below ~ Retail value of over $345!

Give your child's classroom the ultimate gift with a 4-book classroom library donation, and a workbook for each child. A great gift set for PTAs, PTOs, or company sponsors for any elementary classroom. Recommended for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.

  • Bea is for Business: Bea School Guidebook (25 copies)
  • Bea is for Business: The Caramel Popcorn Venture (1 copy)
  • Bea is for Business: The Water Bottle Venture (1 copy)
  • Bea is for Business (1 copy)
  • Bea is for Business: The Party-Planning Venture (1 copy) 

Kit also includes printed book questions for class discussion (for Bea is for Business original leveled reader), and a "Conversation Starter" sheet for each child to take home.

TO ORDER CLASSROOM KITS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Subject: Classroom Kits.





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NEW! Bea is for Business: Bea School Guidebook

Paperback, Workbook - 68 pages

Your kids can learn about business first hand with our NEW workbook - the Bea School Guidebook. Great for families, classrooms, and camps, the Guidebook is broken up into four sections:

  • Business Concepts
  • Business Math
  • Case Studies
  • Business Plan


Bea is for Business: The Water Bottle Venture

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NEW! Bea is for Business: The Water Bottle Venture

Paperback, Chapter Book

A three-day weekend can only mean one thing: road trip! Join Bea and her friend, Lander, as they hit the road with their families and head to the beach. What’s waiting for them? Sun, ocean water, sea shells AND a new business venture: selling water bottles! Bea learns fast, however, that business isn’t always roses - especially if partners don’t agree or success comes at a cost. Can Bea and Lander pull together to take on the challenges and accept the responsibility of building a new business? #FindOut



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NEW! Bea is for Business: The Caramel Popcorn Venture

Paperback, Chapter Book

Bea's friend, Gracie, needs to figure out how to earn a B-I-G sum of money . When Bea discovers Gracie's passion, she's all in to help. The two friends team up to plan and launch what they hope will be a hugely successful caramel popcorn business! But, after a run-in with a bully classmate, slow sales, and competition from another business, will the caramel popcorn business ever "pop" so Gracie and Bea can earn enough money? #FindOut!




Bea is for Business book to teach kids about business

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Bea is for Business

Paperback, Leveled Reader

Join Bea as she discovers an interest for business and a passion for using her business to help her friends.  Kids will enjoy Bea’s journey as well as the basic business concepts including brainstorming, strategic planning, assembly line production, competition, revenue , and investment that she learns along the way. 



 Bea is for Business: The Party-Planning Venture to teach kids about business

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NEW! Bea is for Business: The Party-Planning Venture

Paperback, Leveled Reader

Bea is at it again, and this time, it's party time! Join Bea and her friend, Makayla, as these two young entrepreneurs team up to launch a party-planning venture! Learn about a service business, some basics of market research and follow some simple steps to start any business.




 What people are saying...

 "As a parent, I loved that Bea is for Business is not dumbed down. It's simple enough for young people to learn a new concept, but broad enough to hold their interest to be enjoyed over and over."
- Allison H., Charlotte Country Day School, parent of two children, Charlotte, NC

"I like this book because it tells a good story, but also gets you interested in starting your own business with your friends!"
- Ryan H., 5th grade, Charlotte Country Day School

"Bea is for Business is such a welcome change from the typical princess books for girls. Bea is a strong, confident girl who gets things done, and my daughter immediately found her fun and relate-able. Bea's story inspired my daughter to come up with her own ideas about what businesses she could start. This book instills the confidence and can-do attitude that is so important for girls. We loved this book."
- Lauren K., parent, Consultant , with an M.B.A. from Wake Forest University, Charlotte, NC


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