Bea Buzz

We get a lot of questions about how you, fans and friends of Bea, can support ‘Bea is for Business ’ and share the message. You like it, and you want to help. And we love that.  Here are ten ways you can help share

1.     We just completed our in-classroom curriculum called ‘Bea School’ that we’re piloting in several classrooms across the country. Shoot us a note if you’re a teacher who is interested in trying it. From our research , we find that it’s landing really well with 2nd and 3rd grade boys and girls. Contact us here.

2.     Follow ‘Bea is for Business’ on Facebook or via Twitter @Bea4Biz; Use the hashtag #bea4biz on either platform. We’re going to start featuring more content that will engage your young entrepreneur more, so keep an eye out, and please feel free to use anything you see. (Or post pictures of your young entrepreneur!)

3.     If you purchased either Bea book via Amazon, review it on Amazon.  We love hearing what you think!

4.     Buy an extra copy of the book and donate it to the school or community library. Buy books here.

5.     Read it to your child’s class. We live here in Charlotte, so we can only cover so many classes, but please feel free to set up time either in your child’s class or with the school’s library to read it. We’ve found that it’s fun to read, and then ask the follow-up book discussion questions that we provide on this website, right here.

6.     Gift it to a teacher! Now Bea is for Business comes as an e-book version, so if your child’s teacher keep tablets in the classroom, it’s easy to gift either a hardcopy or an e-book version depending on his or her teaching style. Get the ebook here!

7.     Mark it as a book you’ve read or want to read on GoodReads.

8.     Send us feedback! What do you like? What would you like to see more of? We’re easy to reach either through this website’s contact form or via a Facebook message.

9.     We’ve got a media kit, so if you’re a member of the press, or you know someone who’s interested in writing about or exploring more about Bea , get in touch with us! Get in touch here.

10.  Talk about it! As old-school as it sounds, we’ve found that the word spreads best through good ol’ regular conversations. Who knew, right?