Teach kids about business with Bea is for BusinessBea is for Business , LLC is an innovative, educational platform designed to teach children about business. 

We believe that starting the conversation about business and business principles with children at a young age will help them establish the skills necessary to think, plan , and solve problems more strategically and creatively - whether our children are artists or engineers, accountants or dancers.

The content in Bea is for Business adheres to the new Common Core State Standards adopted by 48 states. To learn more about how the Core Standards were used to develop the Bea is for Business content, please click here.

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To learn more about our Authors, please click here. Bea is for Business has used several illustrators for different projects. We praise the original work of illustrator, Karen Lee, out of Cary, NC, for her work in bringing Bea to life in the first book! To learn more about Karen, please click here. We're also grateful for the work of Arody Victoria in helping Bea's imagery continue to shine!