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Welcome to my blog! I share my business ideas, new vocabulary words, and even just business insights from my view as a kid. Feel free to share these thoughts with your family or classroom!

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 I want our cookie company to have THE COOLEST company name EVER. All right, so really it’s Kristen’s cookie company – I’m just helping her get it off the ground. Once she’s up and running, she’ll need to manage it all by herself.
That’s what I do at Bea is for Business – help businesses get off the ground – then I step out and let the CEO (Chief Executive Officer aka the BOSS, the big cheese, the big kahuna) keep it going and take it to the next level.

But, here’s the deal - I’ve got to be honest with you – ever since I had that awful run in with Nigel, I’m feeling a little nervous about chatting about business at school. I had a plan though. Today, Kristen and I raced to King Coal – the HUGE boulder at the end of the playground. We were far, far away (but still at school, of course!) and perched up high on a look-out spot in case Nigel tried to come listen.

When we were sitting on King Coal, we scribbled down a list in my Big Ideas notebook. These were the names we came up with for the cookie company:

  • Lookie Cookie!
  • R Cookies R Great!
  • Kristen’s Cookies
  • Kristen the Cook’s cookies
  • Cooooooookies!
  • Cookies Deliciousies
  • Cheferific Cookies
  • Cook Cookies
  • You-Nique Cookies

We’ll have to do some thinking and decide which one is the best! Which name do you like? Do you have any other ideas? Love to hear 'em!