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Cookie Business - Part 16 "Making Spirits Bright"

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The Lookie Cookies business was a F-U-N plan . And, it might sound dweeby (that's a word, right? It is now!) but Kristen and I learned a lot. Every time I'm part of a new business venture, I get better and better at it. I’m also just really proud (like, BIG proud) when Kristen (or any of my other friends) decide to keep going with their business. That means they really believe in the idea. And themselves. AND that's a sweet feeling.  #Jackpot

With every business venture I'm a part of and I make some money with, I set aside some money to donate to the animal shelter. I do it mostly because Mom and Dad taught me just how important and all-around-good it is to help others. I give to the animal shelter because that’s where we got Hamilton. Since he’s my dog-brother, I try to look out for other pups like him.
Friday after school, Mom and I went to the animal shelter to give them some of the money I've been saving up for them; with Christmas coming, I wanted to make sure the dogs and cats have enough food, treats, water, and heat, so if my money can help them right now, that's great. Mrs. Johnson, who works at the front desk there, was excited to see us. She asked about Hamilton, and we told her that he's a real character, he still likes peanut butter, and we're happy to have him. Mrs. Johnson was over-the-moon excited for my donation. She said it will be a big help around the shelter this winter. She was so appreciative. That made me feel really good. 
As we walked out, I heard Christmas music playing in the lobby. I heard the song lyric, "making spirits bright..." and I turned to Mom. 
"Mom! That's it!" I said. 
"What's it, Bea?" She asked. 
"Making spirits bright! That's what business is about!" I exclaimed. "Maybe it's the dog and cats here; maybe it's Mrs. Johnson; maybe it's Kristen. Business is all about making the world and people a wee bit brighter!" 

"That's a pretty bright insight, Bea," said Mom. 
"Well, it's got to start somewhere, ya know? Might as well start with me!" I said. I threw Mom a high-five, and we headed home. 

Do you have a business idea? I’d love to hear it! And I’d love to help you get it off the ground. Grab mom or dad, and write me an email , I’ll be happy to help!
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Stay tuned for my next business venture...


  • Lauren MacWhinnie Wednesday, 10 December 2014

    Hi Bea!
    We are writing from room 322 at Selwyn Elementary School. Mrs. MacWhinnie just read Bea is for Business. We really loved it! Our favorite part about you is that you are fair, kind, polite, and cheerful! We would love to read your next book and learn about your caramel popcorn business adventure. We would love to meet your authors!

    Happy Holidays,
    Mrs. MacWhinnie's 3rd Grade Class #bestclassever

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