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Hi ya!

It’s me, Bea. Happy Spring!

I’m psyched it’s warm outside and all these trees and flowers are blooming bright. On the bus ride home yesterday, Lander and I talked about all the flowers that bloomed a couple years ago which sparked our first business together (right in this book!). We were in FULL business BLOOM!

Last year, right before the school year ended, we started hearing from a bunch of amazing teachers that they (a) love Bea (Hot dog! That’s me!), and (b) the Bea books and workbook are PERFECT teaching material for that last month of school when everyone is tired, bored, and just ready for summer.

The books, free supplemental materials on the website, and the workbook got dozens of kids thinking about something new and fresh – AND just in time for summer vacation when we’re itching to get out there, play, and learn something different by starting a lemonade stand, marketing homemade caramel popcorn at that soccer tournament (in the Caramel Popcorn Venture), or selling water bottles at the beach (in the Water Bottle Venture).

Which is why my friends and I designed the ultimate gift for your child’s classroom.

Meet Bea’s Classroom Kit. The PERFECT bridge between the end of the school year AND summer vacation! High five!

This kit is super-duper special because it includes 4-book classroom library donation, and a workbook for EACH child to take home and do at home over the summer. A great gift set for PTAs, PTOs, or company sponsors for any elementary classroom. It’s a perfect idea for a summer camp, too! We recommend it for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.

Here’s the skinny again:

* Bea is for Business: Bea School Guidebook (25 copies)

* Bea is for Business: The Caramel Popcorn Venture (1 copy)

* Bea is for Business: The Water Bottle Venture (1 copy)

* Bea is for Business (1 copy)

* Bea is for Business: The Party-Planning Venture (1 copy)

AND – an added bonus! – each kit also includes printed book questions for class discussion (for Bea is for Business original leveled reader), and a "Conversation Starter" sheet for each child to take home.

We recommend you order today, so you have everything you need to start teaching Bea that last month of school, so everyone is ready to ‘Bea’ awesome this summer.

Here’s how to order: just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

Hi all! I saw this article... and it just makes me want to do more, more, more to help kids in need... especially the ones who are so hungry to learn... and to read that they'll read the same book over and over again. I'm stewing up some ideas on what I can do through my "Bea is for Business " books, but if you have any ideas, please write me!

Here's the full article:


Do you ever set goals for yourself? Like, three perfect spelling tests in a row or one goal per soccer game?

Well, I set a BIG business goal for myself this year: Help five friends launch five new businesses. It’s a big goal because I usually help three friends start businesses a year, so I’m “up-ing” my goal by 40%. (How I got that? I’m adding two more businesses, and 2/5=40 or 40%.)

In order to do that well, I’ll need to practice, sharpen, get really, really good and strong and smart at business. My secret? My NEW workbook - the Bea School Guidebook! Any time I want to start brainstorming about business, I run through the book to get my creative juices flowing, so I’m ready for my friends, er, customers.

It's a great spot to just get started thinking about business - and we've got it separated into 4 parts:

  • Business Concepts
  • Business Math
  • Case Studies
  • Business Plan
If you want to take the next step in understanding business and entrepreneurship as a kid, this is THE place to start!
By the way, because I believe so much in the power of the workbook, we've got a special price rocking on orders of 20 books or more! Workbooks, Chapter books, and Leveled Readers will all be $6.99 for a limited time!
Just email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I'll look forward to hearing from you!



Why should YOU or YOUR COMPANY sponsor a classroom of kids to receive 'Bea' Books?

REASON #1: Get kids thinking like entrepreneurs so they can be future difference makers.

REASON #2: Help kids who never are exposed to business LEARN something entirely new.

REASON #3: Give little minds the tools to prepare them for the future.

Buy 20 books for a discounted rate:
Leveled readers: $9.99 --> $6.99
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It's already mid July, and I'm starting to realize that school is right around the corner! This past year, the team at Bea is for Business visited more than 20 classrooms to read and talk about business, and this year, we're doing a little more! Now people (AND companies) can sponsor a whole classroom of kids to receive 'Bea' books. All the kids in the room can start learning about business, and thinking like young entrepreneurs. #Jackpot! Here's how YOU can BE A B2S HERO:

Sponsor 20 books, and you can get a discount!

Leveled Readers: Usually $9.99 --> Get 'em for $6.99

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Sometimes you realize you're on to something... and when my friend Lander and I launched a Water Bottle business successfully, I HAD to tell you all about it.

Voila! The newest addition to the Bea is for Business book series: The Water Bottle Venture.

There are some really key lessons in the book... like what it takes to buy and resell a product , how to work as a team , when to get creative (like, SUPER creative). You'll even find some great business vocabulary that will help you talk business with mom, dad and your friends. As we read more and more about business, we get more comfy with it and it begins to come naturally.

What's best about the book? It's just in time for SUMMERTIME reading! Hope it inspires you!

I love getting letters from fans - especially when they share a cool business idea! This one is all about popcorn... which I LOVE as a business idea (it is, after all, the topic of my first chapter book! Get it here!).

Popcorn can be a great product to sell for a number of reasons, including:

-it doesn't have to be refridgerated

-it can last a couple days (if you don't put too much butter on it!)

-you can make a lot of it at once

-people love it... at ball games, at the park, walking around, at festivals (so many places!)

-you can even make different flavors!


My favorite part of the letter (because there's a lot to learn from it!) was this quote:

“After customers eat it, they will want a drink, so you can offer a free cup of water.”

So TRUE! Great idea... and here's a thought to consider at home... rather than offering a free cup of water, do you see another selling opportunity? What would you do differently?

I had a really cool thing happen. A classroom in Charlotte read my book, and then sent me letters about each student's business idea! Jackpot! I'm going to post a bunch of their ideas with little notes from their letters ... I think looking at their ideas can help us all learn about business!

One of the letters I got was about a Duct Tape Accessory business. What my friend said in the letter was really smart:

"The easiest way to [make the products] is to make a line of people and each has a different job . Let me explain how to work this assembly line . First you will have someone cut strips of duct tape, next you will have someone stick the stripes together. Third, someone will take the strips of duct tape and put them into what they want to make.” - E.J.

My friend E.J. is talking about an assembly line! That's just like the one Lander and I used in my first book. Glad to see it in action!

Here are a few things you can talk about at home:

-Have you ever seen an assembly line? Check out this video from an old Mr. Rogers segment. I love it!

-What other materials could you use to make accessories like purses or shoes or wallets?

So as I’ve thought more about the importance of “making spirits bright,” it occurred to me that “bright” can mean a lot of different things. For example . . .
Bright = shining light
Bright = happy (like in the Christmas Carol...)
Bright = smart

And I thought about my gift of helping kids with business , and how I want to share that with others this holiday season. So, if you know a classroom that would L-O-V-E to receive a FREE copy of the latest Bea is for Business chapter book, let me know!

We’ll be selecting random classroom winners to get a copy early next year!

There are a number of ways you can let me know about your classroom nomination:
-write an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
-leave a comment in the notes below this blog post
-shoot me a message on Facebook

Just let me know the classroom, grade, city and a contact email, and we’ll get you entered in the drawing!

Thanks so much for helping Bea is for Business “make spirits bright” this year!

-Happy Holidays!


The Lookie Cookies business was a F-U-N plan . And, it might sound dweeby (that's a word, right? It is now!) but Kristen and I learned a lot. Every time I'm part of a new business venture, I get better and better at it. I’m also just really proud (like, BIG proud) when Kristen (or any of my other friends) decide to keep going with their business. That means they really believe in the idea. And themselves. AND that's a sweet feeling.  #Jackpot

With every business venture I'm a part of and I make some money with, I set aside some money to donate to the animal shelter. I do it mostly because Mom and Dad taught me just how important and all-around-good it is to help others. I give to the animal shelter because that’s where we got Hamilton. Since he’s my dog-brother, I try to look out for other pups like him.
Friday after school, Mom and I went to the animal shelter to give them some of the money I've been saving up for them; with Christmas coming, I wanted to make sure the dogs and cats have enough food, treats, water, and heat, so if my money can help them right now, that's great. Mrs. Johnson, who works at the front desk there, was excited to see us. She asked about Hamilton, and we told her that he's a real character, he still likes peanut butter, and we're happy to have him. Mrs. Johnson was over-the-moon excited for my donation. She said it will be a big help around the shelter this winter. She was so appreciative. That made me feel really good. 
As we walked out, I heard Christmas music playing in the lobby. I heard the song lyric, "making spirits bright..." and I turned to Mom. 
"Mom! That's it!" I said. 
"What's it, Bea?" She asked. 
"Making spirits bright! That's what business is about!" I exclaimed. "Maybe it's the dog and cats here; maybe it's Mrs. Johnson; maybe it's Kristen. Business is all about making the world and people a wee bit brighter!" 

"That's a pretty bright insight, Bea," said Mom. 
"Well, it's got to start somewhere, ya know? Might as well start with me!" I said. I threw Mom a high-five, and we headed home. 

Do you have a business idea? I’d love to hear it! And I’d love to help you get it off the ground. Grab mom or dad, and write me an email , I’ll be happy to help!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay tuned for my next business venture...

The day at the Park selling cookies was okay. Just okay. We have a lot to learn on this one. The main thing is, we had fun. We had a lot of fun. But there are a lot of things I think I’d do differently.

Mainly, our location could have been better. I think maybe next time, instead of the Pickle Park, we should try setting up at a busy intersection like at Commerce and Washington. There were some people at the park, but we just weren’t getting as many people around us as I had hoped.

We did sell some cookies though, and we made $32. Not bad, but we definitely have room to improve the whole process.

The best news? Kristen sees there are ways to make her business better and she’s going to keep trying. Sweet. #ContinuousImprovement




This weekend we made the first batch of Lookie Cookie cookies!!! It was so much fun. Kristen came over and my dad helped us. It was a perfect day for it because it was raining.

We measured out all the ingredients, turned on the mixer and made our dough. Then we spooned globs out on to a tray for baking. We just made one batch, and we got to taste test them for quality control (we couldn’t sell icky cookies!). They were delicious.

Once the cookies cooled, it was time to package them up. We want to sell two cookies together for one price , so we decide to put them in a plastic baggie, and tie them up with ribbon. Mom always tells me that making a product that looks nice makes it more likely that people will buy it!

Kristen picked out a really cute blue ribbon with stripes. The little bags looked fantastic. Like real homemade cookies.

Just remember whether you’re making cookies or lemonade or handmade jewelry, the way you package it up makes a huge difference!


When you build a business , it is so important to tell people what you’re doing. Like the way grown-up businesses have advertisements everywhere! You can see advertisements on billboards, the sides of cars or trucks, packaging or boxes, in-store signs, emails, websites and so much more! There’s lots we could do to try to get the word out about Lookie Cookie, but since we’re selling at the park, we decide to focus on two ways of advertising :

1.     A sign – we’ll make a sign so people know what we’re selling. [sign= Cookies! 50c each!]

2.     WOM – (say that out loud five times fast!) WOM stands for ‘word of mouth’. That means that we’ll tell people at the park what we’re selling. And we’ll hope they’ll like Lookie Cookie so much that they’ll tell more people. #powerofWOM #talkitup 

Making the sign? That is easy as pie. Kristen and I hunkered down in my office one rainy afternoon, and we made one together with my art supplies. You wouldn’t believe the amount of art supplies I have. Paints, puffy paints, glue sticks, glitter, construction paper, stencils. You name it. All those supplies were perfect for the picture of Kristen’s pink and purple sparkly glasses!

So, we made our sign for Lookie Cookies, and it’s flat-out sweet. Literally. I mean, how could it not be - we’ve even got drawings of our sweet, delicious cookies on the sign. #art #business #sweetness



Weekday Update: So, we did it. We chose a name for the cookie business . It’s going to be Lookie Cookie.

We decided it has a cool ring to it, plus, Kristen wears these really cool glasses. The frames are purple and pink – with sparkles! She’s cool and famous around school for those glasses, so we thought if we put a picture of her glasses on the Lookie Cookie packaging, kids would know they were Kristen’s! AND we thought we could do some cool advertising ideas – where kids have to find pictures of cookies around town – they’ll be ‘lookie’ for the cookie? Get it?! 

#distinct #unique #standoutfromthecrowd

Now it’s time to figure out how to sell these Lookie Cookies!

 I want our cookie company to have THE COOLEST company name EVER. All right, so really it’s Kristen’s cookie company – I’m just helping her get it off the ground. Once she’s up and running, she’ll need to manage it all by herself.
That’s what I do at Bea is for Business – help businesses get off the ground – then I step out and let the CEO (Chief Executive Officer aka the BOSS, the big cheese, the big kahuna) keep it going and take it to the next level.

But, here’s the deal - I’ve got to be honest with you – ever since I had that awful run in with Nigel, I’m feeling a little nervous about chatting about business at school. I had a plan though. Today, Kristen and I raced to King Coal – the HUGE boulder at the end of the playground. We were far, far away (but still at school, of course!) and perched up high on a look-out spot in case Nigel tried to come listen.

When we were sitting on King Coal, we scribbled down a list in my Big Ideas notebook. These were the names we came up with for the cookie company:

  • Lookie Cookie!
  • R Cookies R Great!
  • Kristen’s Cookies
  • Kristen the Cook’s cookies
  • Cooooooookies!
  • Cookies Deliciousies
  • Cheferific Cookies
  • Cook Cookies
  • You-Nique Cookies

We’ll have to do some thinking and decide which one is the best! Which name do you like? Do you have any other ideas? Love to hear 'em!


We talked about each of these ideas – why they might work , why they might not work. When we did that, a few of these locations were easy to cross off the list. Then, we talked more and got down to one main place: the park.  Specifically, Pickle Park, right off Heinz Street, not far from school and the neighborhood. 

At least that’s where we’ll start. And, hey, sometimes you just gotta start, ya know?  #startup We’re bound to learn a thing or two (or ten!) when we have our first day of selling! #herewego


  • By the train stop
  • At the park <<<<<<<----------------This is where we'll start - at Pickle Park!
  • At the baseball fields
  • At the town square
  • In front of the library
  • On the corner of commerce and Washington streets
  • Outside the Market Square grocery store
  • In front of one of our houses
  • Over email (our moms could send out a note to other parents)
  • At birthday parties



Have I told you about my new office? So, here’s the deal - I used to work upstairs – second door on the left. I shared an office with Mom. Once my business , Bea is for Business, started to take off, Dad thought it might be cool for me to have my own space. So, we teamed up, and he helped me to fix up his old toolshed and turn it into an office outside. And it’s #awesome.

Today after school, Kristen and I decided to meet up in my office and work through some of the details of her business. We wanted to start figuring out some good, strong, strategic (big word – means thinking ahead!) places where she can sell her cookies.

This is what I like to call brainstorming time!

To brainstorm , I pull out my Big Ideas notebook. Then, the two of us start thinking. The thing with brainstorming is that ALL ideas are welcome. So, you might see some crazy, wild, big, hairy, scary ideas, but that’s okay! Write them down! #NoBadIdeas

Kristen and I throw them all out there and then talk through the best ones. Here’s our list of the best ones – as in, the best places to sell her cookies:

  • By the train stop
  • At the park
  • At the baseball fields
  • At the town square
  • In front of the library
  • On the corner of Commerce and Washington Streets
  • Outside the Market Square grocery store
  • In front of one of our houses
  • Over email (our moms could send out a note to other parents)
  • At birthday parties

 I'll keep you posted on what we decide!

It took me a lot of strength to try to get past Nigel’s jokes and rudeness last week. I still feel like I’m in a hole – and I don’t want to get out. It’s hard to keep going on Kristen’s business when someone puts you down. I’ve been avoiding Kristen at lunch and on the school bus. I feel like I’m not good enough to help her.

But I’m lucky, I have my mom.

And you know what she said to me the other day?

She told me “yes”. She told me “I can.” She told me “to keep going.” And then she shared this really cool quote with me:

“Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.”

It’s from a movie my mom loves called “A League of Their Own.” I’ll have to watch that some time.

#grit #determination


Like almost anything – school, family stuff, road trips - businesses have ups and downs. Well, today, was a low moment – a down day.  I’m so upset I can barely write.

When Kristen and I were waiting in line for four-square at recess, Nigel DeFault came and waited in line right behind us. That would be fine, except, it wasn’t – because he’s such a bully. Nigel overhead me and Kristen talking about her business . He got SUPER nosey and started asking all kinds of ridiculous questions about Kristen’s cookie business. Kristen was very nice and polite – she answered every one of his questions – like any strong, confident CEO. 

At one point, Kristen pointed to me and said she was super grateful I was helping her out. Nigel stepped back from us, pointed, and laughed. “Bea? Helpful? That’s hysterical!” he laughed. “Bea is for Business! It’s all just nonsense,” he said,  shaking his head back and forth. Some of the kids standing around us laughed with Nigel. Others just stood there awkwardly. I stood there SUPER awkwardly.
Because I felt silly. I felt stupid. And I felt mad. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

So, needless to say, I don’t even know what else to say. I’m just so down in the dumps.

Does that kind of thing ever happen to you?

Here we are - back at Market Square Grocery store again today! (Some of the employees are starting to recognize us – they ask about Kristen’s cookie business every time we come in now!)

The other day at school, I started a list of everything we’ll need to do for this business. The list has really grown. And I got a little uptight and nervous when I realized how much planning can go into a new business. So, I double-checked the list. Then, I checked it again. I wanted to make sure we weren’t wasting any time, money or energy. To help us get organized, I started another list – a list of the actual ingredients we will need to buy to make all this happen. This stuff really adds up!

Here’s what the list is looking like: 

  • Flour
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Salt – it only needs a pinch, so we’ll just use what we have at home!

Total : $25

That $25 is just to make about 24 cookies. We’re going to have to sell a lot of cookies to make the money back from buying the ingredients. I haven’t told Kristen that information yet, but I will ASAP. She’s CEO of this business, and she’ll need to know. My role in all this to help her get started on her business, and then let her take it from there – she’s got big dreams for success!

Today, at lunch, she said, “Bea, I could see myself doing this for a really long time! I’m so thankful you helped get me started.”
What I know: I’m grateful I could actually help her.