Raising Kids Who Create Innovative Stuff

Raising Kids who Create Innovative Stuff

We had the opportunity to do a guest blog on Big City Moms! Read the gist below, and the full story by following the link!

Humans have long been in a state of need. We were cold, so we made leather jackets. We needed to eat, so we made fishing spears. We needed to be warm and safe and be able to cook, so we harnessed fire.

So what now, when we're living in a modern world where we have everything from cherry pitters to auto thermostats to Soda Streams? There's an invention for everything. This is the world our kids are growing up in - a world where every need and every problem is already solved.

Our challenge as parents is to raise our little ones to be our future's problem solvers - and we have to do it in a culture where they rarely have the chance or the need to innovate or solve problems. If we're going to prepare them to be problem solvers and innovators, we need to teach our kids to think like successful, risk-taking entrepreneurs who know how to innovate.

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